About the transformation Life

We Help People Over 40 Lose Weight, Get Strong, And Feel The Best They've Felt In Decades...

The Transformation LIFE is our overarching brand (really, it's Our Movement), which encompasses our blog, our podcast, our books, our programs, and our training gym.

With it, we are facilitating a positive shift in the reality we call “life” by teaching people and providing them the tools & resources they need to operate from a beautiful and powerful state of being so that they can enjoy a happy, healthy, and fit life … living as the best version of themselves.

Our primary focus is holistic health and fitness. We help people lose weight and feel the best they've felt in decades with a transformational combination of individualized workouts, personalized health coaching, powerful life-changing mindset work, and good old-fashioned caring. :-)

we help people overcome their insecurities and build their self-confidence so they can show up powerfully in their everyday lives.


What we’ve found is that many people who try to get in better shape (physically, mentally, emotionally), quickly get frustrated with their lack of results and give up, or if they do get into a good routine they don’t know how to adapt when life inevitably happens...

They want to look and feel better, have more energy, and improve their self-confidence, but instead, end up right back where they started…or worse.

The mistake they make is thinking it’s about following a “special” diet or killing themselves in the gym or discovering the “magic bullet” that will change everything when in reality they only need two things:

To develop a new mindset and adopt a few core habits that are at the foundation of health, fitness, and happiness.

If you want to enjoy a happy, healthy, and fit life then we can definitely help you.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU…

This website was created to serve as a hub of practical and actionable information, as well as proven programs and services that will help you do exactly that - become the BEST version of YOU!

about justin & janell yule

Justin & Janell have over 40 years of combined experience as health and fitness professionals.

They are the co-owners of The Transformation Club, a boutique fitness studio in Chanhassen, MN (with online membership available) that helps people over 40 who’ve struggled with weight loss and fitness most of their lives to create a real transformation that sticks so that they can finally enjoy the health, confidence, and vitality they deserve.

Together, they have authored The Transformation Book, created The Transformation Journal, and are the hosts of The Transformation Show (podcast).


  • ​Justin has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness, is a certified David Bayer Transformational Mindset Facilitator, and holds multiple specialty training certifications in fitness.
  • ​Janell holds a bachelor of science degree in health promotion and wellness with a minor in psychology. She is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, functional health practitioner, and certified specialist in hormone and gut health.


  • ​Written well over a million words on transformation
  • ​Coached thousands of clients
  • ​Recorded over 200 podcast episodes
  • ​​Justin serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject matter expert.
  • ​​Janell created the 21-Day Detox Challenge serving tens of thousands of satisfied clients!

If you want to lose weight, get strong, and feel the best you’ve felt in decades, The Transformation Life is a fantastic resource for you.

We will help you look and feel better, have more energy, and enjoy a happy, healthy, and fit life!




SUNY Cortland Logo


Justin graduates with a B.S. in Physical Education Concentrating in Adult Fitness and becomes a certified personal trainer.

Stevens Point logo


Janell graduates with a B.S. in Health Promotion & Wellness with a Minor in Psychology and becomes a certified personal trainer.

Look Great at the Lake Boot Camp


After a very successful career in the "big-box gym", Justin started his own business, at first in a local park and then renting space at the Chanhassen Recreation Center by day and a dance studio by night.

FR Ribbon Cutting
Fitness Revolution Workout
Justin & Janell Fitness Revolution


Justin opens his first training gym, re-branding as Fitness Revolution.

Justin & Janell Engagement Party
Justin & Janell Engagement Photo


We Get Engaged!
(Justin popped the question at an FR celebration)

Wedding Picture
Hello Badger


We get married!  And, we start our family with Badger.  :-)

21-Day Detox Challenge


Janell creates the 21-Day Detox Challenge which goes on to help tens of thousands of clients worldwide look and feel amazing!

Members & Team Group Picture
Suspension Trainer Row
Justin, Janell, & Badger - The Club


New gym.  Next Level...
Introducing The Transformation Club!

The Transformation Book and The Transformation Path


We released our first book, The Transformation Book.
Justin released The Transformation Path.

The Transformation Show


We launched The Transformation Show podcast.

The Transformation Journal


We released The Transformation Journal.

The Transformation Club - Empty Gym Shot
The Transformation Club - Inside These Walls Your Life Will Change
The Transformation Club - Battling Ropes
The Transformation Club - Chin-ups
The Transformation Club - Chin-ups & Pulldowns


Redesign and major equipment upgrade - The Transformation Zones.
24 individual training spaces, each with its own equipment including adjustable dumbbells, an adjustable kettlebell, resistance bands, battling ropes, box, sliders, and more... Plus, our proprietary Transformation Pole.

Wedding Picture
Hello Badger


We added Bucky to our family. :-D

Our core values


“Faith is the ability to see the invisible – to believe in the incredible. That is what enables you to receive what the masses think is impossible.”
– Clarence Smithison

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.”
– George Bernard Shaw

We foster our clients' faith and provide them with the tools & coaching they need to take massive action to achieve their goals. We motivate, educate and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves.

Lead By Example

We practice what we preach because we enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle founded on smart training, supportive nutrition, and self-care. By taking the best care of us we’re able to then best care for our clients. In addition, we only ask clients to do things that we’re willing to do ourselves.

Create Strong & Meaningful Relationships

Our clients’ success goes beyond the programs and services we offer. The relationships we create and our clients’ strong desire to do business with us is how we can truly make a difference in their lives.

Better Your Best

One of the most basic laws of life is “Create or Disintegrate.” Nothing remains the same. You’re either improving the quality of your life or you are taking away from it. We continually focus, both personally and professionally, on doing a little bit more and being a little bit better…

We Scoured The Entire Health And Fitness World And In All Our Research And Experience

we discovered 4 Core Secrets for THOSE OF US OVER 40:

Secret 1
TC Secret 2
Secret 3
Secret 4

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